Tronics Industrial Labellers and Printers for the Fresh Food & Vegetables Industry

At Tronics® our products are used by both small and large manufacturers and distributors of fresh food and vegetables. We have been in business for almost 40 years with offices in Australia, New Zealand and USA, and manufacturing plants in Australia and USA. Tronics has also been a Videojet distributor for over 20 years and we manufacture and supply labelling and coding equipment for the fresh produce industry, including parts, consumables, and technical install, support and maintenance services.

Labellers for one sided or multi sided label application for various Substrates of different shape and size.

Marking and coding machines for simple and complex applications.

Expert team of engineers and technicians to service your equipment.

Parts and consumables (inks, make up and cleaning solutions) to meet all your needs.

At Tronics®, we work with customers to gain an understanding of their requirements to ensure that anyone who buys from Tronics, doesn't just get a piece of equipment, all our customers get personalised service in line with their fresh produce industry needs, including:         

  • Local technical support during the design stage, to ensure our machines can be dropped in seamlessly into your existing or new production lines.
  • Individual or packaged solutions specific to the fresh produce industry for both small and large applications.
  • A top of the range machine that is easy to operate and maintain, including training on how to operate our machines.
  • Onsite installation support from our local engineering/technician team or, let our team of expert technicians do the install for you or with your team or engineers.
  • A local team of engineers and technicians who can run a maintenance program on your machines for your business or service any adhoc repair or maintenance needs your business may have.
  • Spare parts for machines and consumable products (such as inks, cleaning and makeup solutions) in stock locally.


From small to large operations, Tronics can provide simple labelling solutions to the fresh food and vegetables industry, including single side, top or bottom labelling, as well as use-by date and batch coding. 

Simple one-sided or multi sided labelling applications

Use-by date coding and batch coding suitable for cold and wet enironments 

In the fresh food and vegetable industry, it is important that the packaging is clearly labelled and protects goods from microbial contamination during the supply chain process, and transportation. As the fresh food and vegetable industry relies on timely delivery, several factors must be considered in your production process, including: 

  • High speed and placement accuracy of your labelling and coding machines
  • High-quality machine readability of labels for batch and use-by date coding for traceability purposes
  • Ease of changeovers between batches or flexibility to move between multiple production lines.
  • The ability of your labelling and coding machines to work with various substrates in an industry shifting towards more sustainable packaging options.

When it comes to meeting the requirements of the fresh produce packaging industry, Tronics has a team of engineers and technicians who can discuss a suitable solution for you. Our labelling machines can be configured to suit production requirements specific to the fresh food and vegetable industry including single, double, or multi-sided labelling on various substrates such as the ones below. Whether you need a standalone machine, or a full spec labelling and coding solution, speak to Tronics about how we can transform your business. 


Bags and Pouches

Rigid Plastic Trays, Cups, and Tubs

Paperboard Cartons, Cups, Sleeves, and Tubs

Metals Cans

Glass Bottles and Jars

Shrink and Stretch Wrap

Whatever your fresh food and vegetable packaging and distribution requirements, why not contact us to speak to one of our friendly staff about your business needs or with any other general enquiries you may have.