Tronics have been manufacturing high-quality automatic label applicators since the 1980s and have supplied thousands of labelling machines across dozens of industries around the world. Tronics has also been a distributor of Videojet coding and marking machines for over 20 years.

We currently manufacture label application machines (including thermal label and transfer printer machines) at our Melbourne (Australia) and Indiana (USA) plants. Our machines can label a wide range of substrates of various shapes and sizes. Tronics' design and production capabilities allow us to custom build a fast, reliable and robust label applicator machine to suit our customers’ in-line production processes. Our machines are well-renowned for their longevity and we also manufacture and stock spare parts. This,  coupled with our service and maintenance offer, allows you and your business to get up and running faster.

Videojet is the largest manufacturer and supplier of marking and coding solutions in the world. As Videojet distributors, Tronics have marking and coding machines to suit different manufacturing  needs including small and simple operations, to more complex and large operations. Whether you require a total packaged solution, including distribution chain visibility, overt/covert/smart coding, product verification and consumer interaction; or simple, more straightforward requirements such as barcodes, batch codes, or expiry dates. Whatever your coding needs may be, Tronics can provide you with the correct Videojet solution.

Our Core Values


What we are here for; their satisfaction is how we measure our success.


We will honour all our promises. We will always tell the truth. We will respect each other.


We are in business to make money. This is how we objectively show our shareholders, our families and our society that we are providing value for the resources we are using.


We own the decisions we make. The outcomes we deliver are results driven to our customers. We are proud of what we do.

Our History


Ronai Engineering Founded


Milford Astor Founded in the UK


Ronai Engineering purchased by Aldus Stockdale


Milford Astor Australia purchased by Newman Family


Ronai Engineering changes its name to Aldus Engineering


Tronics builds its first applicator in a Melbourne garage


Moore Family purchase Aldus Engineering


Tronics acquires the Videojet distribution and opens New Zealand office


Aldus Engineering purchase Graftek


Aldus Engineering and Tronics merge forming Aldus Tronics


Aldus Tronics purchases Paragon Inks Australia


Aldus Tronics purchases Milford Astor/Foilmakers and the parent company becomes known as Aldus with Aldus Graphics, Tronics, Milford Astor, Foilmakers and Paragon Inks Australia trading under Aldus


Aldus purchases API Foils Europe and API Foils Europe becomes API Foilmakers.