Empty Container Parks and Supply Chain : An Important Letter from our CEO

Empty Container Parks and Supply Chain : An Important Letter from our CEO

2021 February 01

An important letter from our CEO

February 1st 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

2020 was a rather challenging year for businesses especially with supply chain. As we deal with the various changes required by government and health authorities to tackle the spread of COVID-19, the following are updates we would like to pass onto our customers to be able to service all your needs to your full expectations in 2021.

Tronics has been able to service our existing customers’ needs with regards to consumable products, due to our strong and experienced supply chain team, our ability to forecast, and as of late our customers’ willingness to work with us in providing forecast figures regarding their business requirements.

However, important to note are that:

  • Quarantine requirements, processes associated with extra checks of inbound vessels and limited availability of air transport has resulted in a significant backlog at Australian inbound ports, and foreign outbound ports.
  • This affects Empty Container Parks (ECPs) causing congestion and delays. Container backlog is being sent externally to be stored due to limited storage capacity onsite, resulting in delays for retrieval of product containers from an external site before containers can be placed on a ship (at outbound ports) or containers being able to be placed on a truck for delivery once they arrive at the inbound port here in Australia.
  • This is not specific to Tronics, this affects all industries.
  • Although we have been able to service our existing customers, especially those who provide us with their business forecasts, these backlogs could result in order fulfilment delays for any unforecasted large volume orders.

At Tronics, we ask for your understanding regarding how this matter can impact supply chains for all industries, especially for large volume orders. We also ask for your co-operation in these challenging times and urge our customers to provide our customer service teams, or your Tronics account manager with consumable forecasts for the next several months to ensure goods are available when you order.

Although there are several COVID-19 vaccine programs being rolled our across the world, it is important to know that it will still take several months, if not a year (or more) before Australian borders and across the world are completely open and quarantine processes/checks are wound back.

Please feel free to contact us, should you have any queries regarding this matter. And remember, we do value your business and look forward to servicing your business needs.

Yours Sincerely,